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Harriet Foyster's practice operates as a multi-faceted and discursive amalgamation of moving image, text and research. Currently functioning as an ongoing, subjective study addressing labour and its central role in social, political and economic relations, it poses questions about the meaning of work and how work works. It interrogates the varying forms that language can take, synthesising and contrasting textual and visual codes in order to explore, present and re-present a multitude of associative elements. Harriet Foyster (b. 1992) is a BA Fine Art graduate from Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London. She received the Acme Studio Award, supported by Chelsea Arts Club Trust, in 2015 and completed a year long studio residency in Stratford, east London. She is a current participant in the Masters in Critical Studies programme at the Sandberg Instituut, and lives and works in Amsterdam, NL.  

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