Exhibitions & Presentations

2020    SlipStream, online broadcast [forthcoming], June 

                 Mouth Things, Praksis, Oslo, March [online presentation due to public health crisis]

2019     Casa 1 (This is Not a Dinner), Amsterdam, September 

                 What is Left Over?, De Appel, Amsterdam, September 

                 Critical Studies EOYP, FedLev Building, Amsterdam, June 

                 Torpor/ A Bliss/ A Slump, Amsterdam, May 

                 NEWS/ The Domestic Landscape, Jupiter Woods, London, March 

                 The Apartment Series #3: W/HERE, Amsterdam, January 

2018    Be Our Guest, In Your Honour, Fabulous Future, Amsterdam, November 

                 Critical Studies EOYP, Butcher's Tears, Amsterdam, June 

                 Let's Sleep On It, Rietveld Pavilion, Amsterdam, April 

                 Can This Be Something Else, Fanfare, Amsterdam, February

2017    Apologia: The Good Life, Market, London, March 

2016    Wherewithal, PEER, London, October 

                 time: ephemeral - everlasting (as part of room. series, Camberwell), London, July 

                 2:1, Safehouse 2, London, May 


2015    Undergraduate Degree Show, Chelsea College of Arts, London, June

                 Revolutionary Britain: Art, Power & Politics, hARTs Lane Studios, London, January

2014    Translations, Chelsea Triangle, London, November

                 Private View, Haggerston, London, March 


2013    Twelve, Angel, London, February 


ACME Studio Award 2015, supported by Chelsea Arts Club Trust

Publications / Press

2020    Anti-Anti Development, Klapmutsenveem [forthcoming], June 

                 Too Close to Home, re-published for Rewire Festival, Den HaagApril  

                 [postponed due to public health crisis]

2019    The Mask of Dionysus, Review, Ambit Magazine, December 

                 BIO 26: Common Knowledge, 26th Biennial of Design, Ljubljana, November

                 Sitting Habits [in Your Attention Please], April 

2018    Foundations, self-published book, June 

                 Is there any Pleasure in an Air Kiss? [in 'For Porosity', PUB Journal Issue 1], June 


                 Forget NIMBY and YIMBY: Whose Back Yard is it Anyway? [in 'For Porosity', PUB Journal Issue 1],                      



                 Too Close to Home [in Can This Be Something Else]January 

2016    The Beauty of the In-Between: String of Subsequence, Review, Trebuchet Magazine, December 

                 Subverting the Domestic: The 2:1 show at Safehouse 2, Review, Trebuchet Magazine, June 

                 Red Issue, CHROMA, January 

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